Sep 12, 2010

Bee Blocks for Alex

I had a nice quiet Sunday afternoon to myself to sew.  I just recevied round robin bee blocks from Alex of Canberra, Australia and decided to work on that project because I love the block she chose.  It is a simple paper pieced kaleidoscope block.  It is easy to sew but spectacular when grouped together.  It forms a secondary pattern that looks circular, much like Storm at Sea.  I was having such a good time, I made two of them for her...just couldn't help myself.  Here's the first:
and here is the second:

and here are the bee blocks that have been made for her so far:

These blocks still have quite a journey ahead of them and by the time they make their way back to Alex she should have lots of beautiful blocks for her quilt!


  1. Your points are perfect - I'm jealous!

  2. I love the design. I'm pretty new with quilting. Where can I get the pattern for the block? I agree with Chris...those points are perfect!!

  3. Perry: The pattern is paper pieced so the points come out perfect every time so I can't take credit for them! Do you have the Electric Quilt software? It is the basic kaleidoscope #2 pattern. If you don't have the software I can try to send you a PDF file of the pattern.
    Email me your address to

  4. Thanks so much. I just got EQ7 this week. Thanks I found the block. I appreciate it so much. Love your blog!!