Sep 10, 2010

A Bee Block for Victoria

In my round robin quilting bee, Victoria from London, England requested this framed block.  She asked for an appliqued center, if we chose to do one for her...

I appliqued a sewing machine and tiny quilt in the center to symbolize the quilting bee that has brought this group together as friends.  Each piece of fabric in the frame is a fabric that I have used in other blocks for this bee, giving Victoria's quilt a connection to all the other quilts.  Her quilt is growing...and on its way to Southern California for its next stop.
It's nice to have this block finished because there were more blocks in the mailbox when I got home this afternoon!


  1. Oh my gosh that is too adorable. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Joan that centre is beautiful! And I recognise some of the swap fabrics, lovely to see them in use!

  3. I love these blocks, they're the cutest! The sewing machine is so sweet too.