May 22, 2010

Rainy Days

Yesterday I stopped in to my local quilt shop to look at some Superior Thread after reading a number of comments about it on our flickr group for the Journey Quilting Bee. While I was there, I saw this adorable new fabric. It is called Rainy Days and Monday by Riley Blake Designs.

I love the umbrella fabric.

It said, "Take me home!  Take me home!"  So, I did.  That is one reason I have to stay out of pet shops and animal shelters.  Or zoos, for that matter.  On more than one occasion I have come home with something unexpected.  At least this doesn't eat, doesn't need to be groomed or demands to be walked.  The print is so lively and modern.  It makes me smile just looking at it.  Now time to think of a pattern to use it in!


  1. this is adorable fabric!

    i must go shop!

  2. I loved this fabric the first time I saw it. Then I found out that the designers are sisters of a friend. That made me like it even more!

  3. How fun to know the designers! Let them know they have some fans out here in quilting land.

  4. What lovely fabric!

  5. I need some of this fabric! TOO CUTE :)